Sunday, January 3, 2010

Big snow=fun

We played in the snow some yesterday afternoon and had about 8 inches or so since Friday. Then last night we got clobbered and had another 14 Inches. We had so much snow I gave the kids permission to try the ridge in front of the house. There are lots of stumps and rocks under that snow...Then I told them they had to quit until we were plowed out in case I had to take a trip to the emergency room. I couldn't get out the drive with nearly two feet deep of snow between my car and the road. Our drive is about 250 feet long or so so no hand digging that!

A lot of times with a major storm forecast I will park down by the road so I can hand dig the snowbank to get out in an emergency. It makes a pain for the snow plow guy to wait for me to move my car out of the way, though...

Well, he arrived a bit after noon and we are all plowed out and the car is cleaned off so we are ready for work and school in the morning! (Boo-hoo)


Wood Mouse said...

Unrealistically I think I would have opted for being snowed in and to have gone in to hibernation.

~Tonia said...

I agree with WM Hibernation is in order with that much snow!!lol Of course they cant get much of a snow day when their school is her at home!lol.
They are forcasting temps down in the single digits for us and another 7 inches Wed. and Thurs. on top of what we got today. We got about 3 inches today and were only suppose to get Maybe an inch they said!! We have set a record for the most days in below normal temps.