Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's back

Yes, after all the trials and tribulations with Dell company, I finally broke down and ordered the power supply from 911forpcs. For a third of the price, it was delivered two days after I sent in a money order. (being too paranoid to share a card number with a little known company.)

Friday it arrived: A box with a bundle of wires segregated into smaller bundles with connectors..just take out four screws, oops, now take out the fan below it, (not in directions,) and disconnect all the bundles from it, ooops that wasn't one of them, jeez this one does not want to come out of the motherboard and my hand is up the computer's insides...hook it all back up and wait twenty four hours to have the nerve to actually hook the monitor up and plug it in and press the button....POWER!!! yeah!

Now just six hours of updates later....

trouble is, I had too long on the mactop. I miss the fast keyboard instead of these gaumy keys, but I don't miss the two fingered to scroll mouse pad that was a pain. I do think the speed might have been faster on the mactop, too,- after complaining how slow it was...and sitting upright instead of kicking back in bed is not as nice, but at least I am not worried about irradiating my lap anymore, although the warmth was nice for

At least I can leave this one on without being worried about a pet knocking it off the bed... so good and bad in both! Just never order a part from Dell computer, ever, never.

ON the farm front, Lars died. :((

Duke and Clyde have gone to their new home in Canada. Zeus is off for breeding and Monarch came back from breeding. The lady who had him is just spectacular and he looked buff when he came back.

Sandja and Galli went to slaughter.

Was below zero in the barn this am. My hands had a few bad moments for the first hour and then things were fine. Nice sun, temps topped out at about 26 at home this afternoon.

Someone came to pick out a couple little wethers and the first one they wanted was Badger! lol. Instead they picked Feisty and his brother Troll Boy, Sugreca's two. Willow and I were very happy Feisty was saved. Willow called him that because he is Feisty! I would have picked him to go with Badger but I didn't know how he might turn out with his over zealous affection-not bucky, but he loves have his neck scratched.

well, no big climatic ending for this blog..Just wanted to get on with the PC back up!

and as soon as I download the cam full of 80 photos and delete the card I can take some more pics! So I have been slacking just a camera full since the week before Thanksgiving!

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