Wednesday, January 27, 2010

still Wednesday

I was stacking wood today and thought the white rooster looked so handsome with his girls. He is a leghorn/barred rock cross with this year's pullets-three leghorn and two black australop..

We finally finished the puzzle yesterday, yay!

I walked over to the pond this am with Peko and the water was high over the ice and almost to the top of the dam. I followed fresh footprints to the spillway and something caught my eye. I thought it was a bait container someone had stuffed under the rocks, but it turned out to be a geocache. It was just a plastic glad container with a few oddments and a small pad with names and dates and the instructions.

Apparently folks stash these things around and post their coordinates online and folks try and find them using GPS. Then you sign the paper and may take an item but you have to leave something to replace it. Don't get too excited-they were like cheap stickers and a magnet. I wanted to toss a dollar bill in there just to thrill the next person.

The most amazing thing was the first date on there was almost exactly two years ago. So I guess my eyes aren't too sharp or the last person was careless when they put it back. It is in a vulnerable spot since the water does flow over the top of the dam but I guess if it has lasted two years it is ok...I showed the kids and they were all excited and wanted to start geocaching. LOL.

Now I know why I get strangers pulling up my drive at times...once two older ladies said they were with the census and someone told me they were geocaching so now I know...

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~Tonia said...

Lol at the 2 old ladies that said they were census!!
Your roo looks so well ... Cocky!!LOL