Monday, January 25, 2010


Pouring rain and thundering as I type this. Unusual weather for January bur par for the course with wild weather all over this winter.

I am not too worried as I am still on the laptop running on battery power.

School was delayed today due to the road conditions, so I took the opportunity to call off work. Good thing, as shortly afterwards I saw the bus creeping down the road as the driver started her run, so I walked down the drive to investigate. Our dirt road was glare ice. An hour later another school bus tried to go up the road and got stuck halfway. I ran out in my pj's with my small bucket of ashes but the driver and I greed it wouldn't get the bus very far. He sat there half way up the hill for at least a half hour until the sand truck came up to rescue him. Good thing, as I had already told my kids if that road wasn't sanded by the time their bus came through, they weren't getting on the bus.

I did get to watch Appaloosa last night. Great cast, lovely scenery, good tale. I have no idea why was it was rated R. The violence was minimal, at least for a Western, and only one use of the F word. Screw could have been easily substituted. I have seen way worse on local TV channels. I was reminded of the old western TV show, Gunsmoke. Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen sharing the role of Marshal Dillon, Renee Zelliger reminded me of a Miss Kitty and even grizzly Jeremy Irons, although much more eloquent and lacking a limp, visually reminded me of the old deputy Festus. IN this flick, Irons plays a bad guy.

Still working on the puzzle, one kitten down and four more to go. Then I'll have my kitchen table back. Put a couple shelves up in the Firebird's room today to help him get organized. I even cleaned my room a bit and took one of the Queen Anne wingback chairs. I inherited a pair from my mother and don't have room for them downstairs, but it looks pretty good in my room with an orange batik throw protecting it from the cats.

Goats are good, ditto cats and dog. The snow melted enough that I found two of Peko's balls outside today, so he's happy. Really wild wind right now, so I guess I'll log off and save the battery in case we lose power later.

*this version corrects the name of the TV series from Bonanza to Gunsmoke-well it was thirty plus years ago, LOL.

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~Tonia said...

We saw Appaloosa a while back it was pretty good! I dont hardly sit through a movie anymore unless its really good. I watched Julie and Julia this afternoon.. I thought it was hilarious! Definitely a chick fkick even though Kyle watched it with me.. But he isnt real particular about what he watches..
We have had rain and snow with in 2 days of each other and now they are saying more winter weather!! Yuck! Where we cleaned out on the goat barn is now filled back in.. Thought not packed tight but more to be dug out.. Yuck!
I get Gunsmoke and Bonanza confused all the time!! My girls correct me! We love old westerns Especially John Wayne.. McClintock is my Favorite!!