Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Snowed in Again

The last storm moved off and we had another storm move in yesterday. I thought they used to call this one an Albert Clipper, but they were saying something about a Norland Trough so who knows, really? Instead of coming up the coast from the gulf of Mexico, the system swooped down from North of the Great Lakes, set itself up in the Gulf of Maine, and dumped on us.

It was forecast to be flurries yesterday morning and then picking up in intensity through the afternoon and evening. Despite the holiday weekend, the kids had school yesterday and they were no sooner on the bus in the morning that the snow started. I ran off on errands and the snow kept falling and falling- and then school was dismissed early. I was sort of aggravated that they had school at all! To take them and to keep them there until the roads got dangerous...But at least it didn't count as a snow day to make up in June!

Then at 5:30 am this morning the phone rang with the alert cancellation for today. The snow plow went up shortly after that, so all the roads are plowed and sanded and it is barely snowing, but they called a snow day today. Well, the kids are happy to have a day off anyhow, but still I have to wonder who makes the call on the road conditions....?

We do have quite a bit of snow out there. All the trees are covered with white frosting. When I walked down the drive to shovel out the mailbox yesterday, I amused myself by trying to catch snowflakes on my tongue, and went crosseyed picking out individual flakes falling while I was walking with my head back. I caught quite few, and had a few just shoot straight down the back of my throat and my eyelashes were coated rather thoroughly by the time I made it to the mailbox.


Of course like everyone else I have been watching the crisis in Haiti and have been trying to keep myself from criticizing what is going on down there. The most positive thing I can say about it is that I hope the UN learns some things from this tragedy that helps them deal with future disasters. I just don't understand; if people are hurt and dying of thirst and hunger, why is the priority is getting troops in to make sure everyone will form an orderly line for an emergency biscuit and a quart of water? If food, water and bedding were airdropped enmasse immediately FIRST there would not be the rioting conditions of desperation. Yes, there might have been some racketeering involved in folks hording what they could get, but when the troops finally could get in that would be the time for law and order. I just don't see taking all that time to move troops in and supplies to feed and shelter those troops when people are in such a situation. Help FIRST and then law and order. Air drop the damn supplies already!!! Just my two cents.

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