Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I really like this room. I switched with Willow last year. It hasn't been a year yet because I remember hobbling on crutches into the other room last winter. This room has two windows that face east and I wake as soon as the sky starts to lighten. There was a lovely sunrise this morning and the sun just rose blazling gold over the horizon a few minutes ago.

I received an early birthday present yesterday-four cord of wood! We were almost out of wood so I am happy! I started trying to get some of it stacked so I won't have to dig it out of a snow cave. So that is my project for today!

I really don't want to work tomorrow at the farm. It is my birthday in a few days and I don't want to deal with the farm drama! I am so glad that I had Monday off it feels like a vacation! And I am taking Saturday so it is so tempting to take one more and make it a week off....LOL.

I watched Appaloosa again and noticed when the credits rolled that I spelled Renee Zellweger's name wrong in my other post. i think that's right now. I had spelled it Zelliger.
I guess I have trouble with names because I realized that I spelled Lillemore's name wrong as well when I googled Lilymore. I mentioned it to Boss and she said Lillemore means little mother. This was as Lillemore was looking up at me. She is black with a white star so it makes more sense than Lilymore.

Well, time to turn the laptop over to the Firebird. I ordered the part for the Dell from another company and hope I can finally get that straight. That will be my birthday present to myself! That and Chinese food and chocolate cake!

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~Tonia said...

You never know really how names are spelled! They may be simple name and spelled 10 different ways!LOL
Hope the part for your PC finally arrives!!
Happy Birthday! Enjoy the Chocolate cake and Chinese food!!